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Public Safety: 


Western New York has seen an increase in breaking and entering, domestic violence cases, gang violence, and gun calls. Our children, families, streets, and schools are not safe. We need more support for and from law enforcement, not less. We need effective bail reform laws: those that allow judges discretion, that do not favor repeat offenders, and that protect our community from the violent criminals who are back on our streets within hours. 


As your next State Senator, Joel Giambra will provide resources to our police, crack down on law breakers, revisit bail reform, and restore peace and safety in our communities.




Albany politicians raise taxes, increase government spending, grow their bloated bureaucracy, and stick you with the bill. Inflation is out of control. Gas prices are soaring, and our community is struggling to pay for groceries, bills, and other necessities. We incentivize large corporations but make it hard for small businesses to stay afloat. The middle-class is shrinking, and our community is getting the short end of the stick. 


Joel will fight to cut taxes and pass responsible budgets, always mindful of hard-working taxpayers that foot the bill.


A Better New York: 


Entrenched politicians have destroyed our state. Families have left for better opportunities and a better quality of life. Western New York has a strong culture, history, and identity. With the shift to remote work, we run the risk of losing people to places that offer a better quality of life and greater opportunities. The people who stay here deserve better than the status quo: higher-paying jobs, improved infrastructure, and an overhaul of our City schools so that we can produce a stronger and better next generation. 


Now more than ever, we need an independent leader like Joel Giambra who will clean up Albany corruption and fight to build a better New York.



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