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Giambra calls for “JAIL – NO BAIL” in New Legislation to Target Gun Violence

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Buffalo, NY --- Joel Giambra is fed up with crime and rising gun violence across New York State. The candidate for New York State Senate spoke out after over a half-dozen people were shot in Buffalo the past few days – including a child.

“The time has come for Ed Rath and our other elected officials to do something about gun violence in our community- stop talking or start walking,” said Giambra, adding that the revolving door of justice for violent gun criminals must end. “If Mr. Rath is truly serious about reducing gun violence, then reform at the most basic level must take place immediately in Albany. It’s simple – criminals with illegal guns go to jail and stay there.”

As part of Giambra’s tough on crime stance, he is proposing amendments to the current sentencing guidelines for gun offenses to include a mandatory minimum sentence with no bail option of one-year in jail for anyone caught possessing an illegal gun, and two years minimum with no bail option for offenders who use an illegal gun to commit a crime. He continued, “A mandatory minimum sentence leaves little question to an offender of what’s at stake. The certainty of consequences is a proven deterrent to most adults, as well as minors. Implement this amendment now and I guarantee we would see a reduction in gun violence in our community and state. Today, I call on Ed Rath to break ties with the special interest groups that fund his campaign, like the NRA, and do the right thing for the families and children in the community he was elected to represent. If Ed Rath truly cares about safety he would sponsor this legislation, which I plan to do as my first act when elected to the Senate.”

Mr. Giambra also took aim at the state’s current catch-and-release bail policy, which he said makes it more difficult for law enforcement to do their jobs. “New York State Bail Reform has been a colossal failure with violent crime skyrocketing in our state. Judges must be granted back the authority to decide if a defendant is a danger to the community, and if they should be ordered to jail or given bail. Just saying you are tough on crime doesn’t cut it anymore. People want action and the legislature must reinstate this authority to judges this year.”

Giambra concluded, “Gun violence kills more children in our country than car accidents. The trauma of gun violence doesn’t end when the shooting stops either – just ask the families who have lost their children.” “Criminals must understand we are serious in New York about putting an end to gun violence and it begins with harsher sentencing consequences for those caught with an illegal firearm.”

(Joel Giambra is running for State Senate in the 61st District to restore public safety, make our communities more affordable and bring good paying jobs to Western New York. For more information on Joel, visit )

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