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NYS Senate candidate Joel Giambra proposes docking the pay of Albany politicians if an on time budget is not passed.

(Buffalo) - New York State Senate candidate Joel Giambra issued the following statement after Governor Hochul and both Legislative branches of New York State government failed to pass an on-time budget:

“If hard working taxpayers don’t show up for work, they’re getting a pink slip, not a paycheck. It is unconscionable that lawmakers took a break and went home without passing an on-time budget. Albany politicians decided to ditch work, go home, all the while collecting a paycheck. Not on my watch. When I am elected to the Senate, I will propose “no budget, no pay” legislation. If lawmakers can’t get the job done for taxpayers as required by law, they should not receive one dime of taxpayer funded pay.

Only in Albany do out of touch politicians demand to get paid for not doing work. It is a slap in the face to hard working taxpayers that pay their salaries. They should be at work this weekend, rolling up their sleeves, and passing much needed bail reform legislation. Instead lazy lawmakers lived up to their embarrassing reputation of being the most dysfunctional government in the country. If Albany legislators had a backbone and conscience, they would return their pay for every day the budget is not passed.

Keep in mind, right now lawmakers have their paychecks paused while a budget is late. They’ll get a lump sum payment once the budget is passed. That’s no deterrent at all. Under my plan, pay is docked, suspended, gone, never to be recovered, for every day the budget is late.”

Joel Giambra

NYS Senate Candidate, 60th District

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